Vesselfinder – The vessel tracker

AIS vessel tracking with Vesselfinder.

Vesselfinder – what is it?

Have you heard of Vesselfinder? The vessel tracker is one of the best-known systems to search for ships. It has almost become a passion among passionate lovers. The search for certain ships or the observation of the individual lines is made easy via Vesselfinder. In doing so, he also uses the AIS system. Most ships are equipped with this shipfinder. They pass on the data in real time via transponders to receivers.

The evaluated data will then be provided via Vesselfinder. So this vessel tracker is a radio system. If you want to go here looking for a ship, you can look on the radar map. Here you can see worldwide the results that this service can represent. So, if you are looking for a ais vessel tracking to keep track of where the ships are currently in real time, if there are course changes, and how to adjust the ship’s positions, you can find out about Vesselfinder.

In fact, the most diverse people use Vesselfinder. Some just enjoy to catch a glimpse of the action of the oceans. Others are looking for a particular ship because their loved one is cruising on it. Still other users of Vesselfinder are looking for inspiration, which ships actually drive on a selected tour. By the way, there is such a tracker also for airplanes. With such a live flight tracker, you can easily track a plane. For example, if you want to know which aircraft is flying above you in the sky, you can simply use the smartphone to look up in the flight tracker. So you immediately know what type of aircraft it is and you know where the plane goes.

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What can you use Vesselfinder for?

The vessel tracker can be an exciting thing for many people. So it is possible at Vesselfinder to follow the exact position of a cruise ship. Are you thinking about getting on such a ship yourself and would like to know where the selected lines go? You can follow the line pretty much with the Vesselfinder. You have the opportunity to check the individual stations and also to see which port is approached.

Ais vessel tracking also informs you about how many passengers fit on the ship. Even deviations from the course are indicated. That may well happen, but may be particularly interesting for you. The Vesselfinder is also a real highlight, if you might even want to go on a ship yourself or expect someone. Since there is a mobile version, you can easily follow the ships via app while on the move. You have the opportunity to check if they will arrive on time or inform you about any delays that have occurred. The possibilities, how the Vesselfinder can be used, are so versatile.

vesselfinder cruise ship at night

Vesselfinder ship types differ

There are a variety of different types of ships such. Cargo ships, cruise ships, tankers or sailboats. For the distinction of the ship or object types these are indicated on the map in different colors. In addition, a distinction is made as to whether a ship is currently traveling or has stopped. The nature of a ship is also listed in the detailed information, where many additional details can be viewed. This can be called by clicking on a ship or object. The size of a ship or boat is not taken into account in the overview or not shown accordingly. Below, all types of ships and their associated color are listed.

Cargo ship yellow
Tanker orange
Military ship red
Passenger ship bright green
Fishing boat blue
Speedboat dark green
Yacht purple
other ship gray

The alternatives to Vesselfinder

Online you will find quite different options, if the system of Vesselfinder you do not like so much. Maybe you want less detailed information or just have not had such good experiences with ais vessel tracking. Both are possible. Finding ships can also be done in other ways. For example, you can work with marine traffic. As mentioned briefly, here you also have a vessel tracker that can deliver reliable data in real time. One of the big advantages of Vesselfinder is that its operation is very easy.

The detailed search options and the displays can be used to quickly find specific ships. Of course it is also possible to just browse and see what is offered here. Other services are still available. However, these are mostly tied to specific platforms. Since it can be much more difficult to integrate the vessel tracker in a website or to access them without problems.

Here you are well served with Vesselfinder and can not do much wrong. It can be helpful to compare the two systems and decide which vessel tracker suits you best.

vesselfinder vessel sunset

Vesselfinder – the difference to marine traffic

At marine traffic you will get an insight into the classic data. You can filter ships or search directly for specific ships. The data processed by marine traffic comes from a different database than the data from Vesselfinder. If you would like to get even more differentiated information, it is worthwhile to use this alternative. Here you can use a ship’s radar, which shows you the destination port of the ship you have selected.

A particularly great facility at Vesselfinder is the ability to differentiate between ship types. A distinction is made among other things between the cargo ship and the tanker, passenger ships and fishing boats, military ships and also speedboats and sailing ships. It can always happen that the evaluation of the data can not be completed. In this case, ais vessel tracking can not indicate what type of ship exists. However, this does not happen so often.