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Marine traffic – what is it?

Marine traffic cruise ship tracker is an optimal way to keep an eye on the ships. Imagine you want to take a ferry from Hamburg. They have little time left, run to the harbor and stand there. The ferry is not visible. This can also happen if you want to pick someone up. Now you are faced with the question of whether you should wait or maybe even missed the ferry. Of course you can ask locally. Maybe you do not know here either. It is much easier to use the marine radar from marine traffic.

Use marine traffic ship tracker for free

Online you have the opportunity to use ais marine traffic for free. However, it should be remembered that not all ships have the necessary technical equipment. In 2004, it was decided that vessels with more than 300 GT must have the technical equipment. In 2008, the requirement was made that ships with more than 500 GT should also have an AIS system. That covers even a very large range of ships. Also interesting are the specifications for passenger ships. Would you like to see at marine traffic ship tracker for free if your ship is coming soon.

However, only the data of the ships that are in range on the water are reported to marine traffic cruise ship tracker. This means that you can use this technique especially if you want to know more about ships from a particular area. Very interesting for you then is the transmission of the travel data. These include hints to the destination as well as the time of arrival. Of course, this is only an estimate, as the arrival may be delayed. By the way, flight tracking services like FlightAware, works the same way. These also track the aircraft and then show you the aircraft position on a world map. In addition, ais marine tracker will let you know how many people are on the ship.

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Different ship types

The many different types of ships are differentiated at marine traffic on the basis of the color on the map. These include e.g. Merchant ships, passenger ships, fishing boats or pleasure boats. In addition, a distinction is made as to whether a ship is currently on the move or has stopped or created. The latter are represented by a circle. The type of ship can also be seen in the details of a ship, where many more information can be displayed. Click on a ship on the marine traffic map to open the detail window. The dimensions of a ship are considered in the representation on the map only for freighters. The filter can be used to selectively select and display individual types of vessels. Below is a list of all colors for each type of ship.

Merchant ship green
Tanker red
Passenger ship dark blue
Speedboat yellow
Tug light blue
Fishing boat orange
Leisure boat purple
other ship gray
marine traffic cruise ship sunset

Features of marine traffic

Marine traffic is the service with probably the largest range of functions when it comes to tracking and analyzing shipping traffic. In addition to the worldwide display of different types of ships, each ship can be accessed by mouse click detailed information such as name, country of origin, draft, speed, heading, status, exact position and many other information. In addition, you can call up every available picture or picture gallery for each ship. Users can upload more pictures of ships themselves here. Ais Marine tracker data is transmitted via the AIS. Here is a list of the transferred ship and cruise data of marine traffic:

  • Name, call sign and ship type
  • IMO Number
  • ENI number
  • MMSI number
  • Dynamic ship data for navigation status
  • exact dimensions of the ship
  • ship’s position
  • Course and speed
  • Course change rate
  • loading condition
  • Danger of cargo (IMO)
  • draft

Marine traffic ship tracker – Use cases

First and foremost, of course, cruise ship tracker was not developed so that those interested could learn more about the ships. The use cases are mainly in the direction of safety. It should increase the safety of watching the ships better and respond faster in an emergency. Therefore, various data are also transmitted via this service. Among other things, there is a transmission of static ship data. Of course, you can not track ship mines or other things underwater – so if you’re playing Minesweeper, a ship tracker is rather useless 😉

This data from marine traffic contains the name of the vessel as well as the type and call sign. Already with this information, competent authorities can check whether it is an expected or sought after ship. Also important are the transfer of the position and a possible rate of change in the course. It can always be that there are changes to the course. Here are already changes in the weather. However, these changes should also be communicated to the competent authorities. This happens via marine traffic ship tracker.

The applications of marine traffic cruise ship tracker are therefore versatile. First and foremost, this is used to check if the boats are on course or if there are indications that help may be needed. If this is the case, the information transmitted by marine tracker can react very quickly.

marine traffic container ship

AIS ship positions

What does AIS ship positions mean and how are they used by marine traffic? It is the abbreviation for Automatic Identification System. Nice and good. But for what? This radio system initially promotes safety and steering of shipping traffic. Second, satellites can also transmit the data. By the way, all other people can also access the data, as with the ais marine traffic ship radar on this page, which displays the AIS ship positions. Incidentally, since 6 December 2000, the system has been adopted by the International Maritime Organization (ISO) as standard. The watch officer manually updates the essential dates and the navigation course. Most military ships also have a transmitter for the AIS ship position.